Chrome Trim Console Repair


Michael Kearney


The chrome paint on my shifter console was looking pretty tired so I got online to check out availability and price. As usual nothing at Eckler’s is ever under $50 dollar which isn’t a bad price in this case. Not wanting to pay the price plus shipping and handling not to mention removing the seats, carpet sections and the shifter console I decided to attempt a repair. See below for the condition of my console.



I happened to have had some chrome spray paint I’d purchased from Fastenal for another project so I retrieved some painters tape I had laying around and started to work. I covered the damaged sections with tape and took a razor blade and peeled back the tape. See below.



Not having any paper lying around I used some old cloth to protect all the areas I didn’t want the paint to get on.



I then carefully sprayed the strips. I let them dry about 30 minutes.






Below is the finished product. Looked pretty good to me to I proceeded to do the rest of the console.



Next up, the bottom section which looked pretty bad also. The entire job took about 60 minutes and saved considerable work and a little money. I’m wondering if you could use a brush and silver paint to do this also. Well, maybe next time. The finished job below.